Talks/Conferences Attended


5.20-21.16, Madison, Wisconsin

Philosophy of Biology at Madison

5.16-16.16, Columbia, Missouri

Missouri Philosophy of Science Workshop

5.6.16, University of Toronto

Welsh Lectures in Physics

2.3.16, Treavor Pearce @ Institute of U of T


7.5-8.15, UQAM in Montreal

International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology Meeting

4.10-11.15, Rutgers in Newark

Workshop: Scientific Composition and Metaphysical Ground

2.17.15, CUNY in NYC

Workshop: Natural Kinds


11.6-9.14, Chicago

Philosophy of Science Association Meeting

10.23-25.15, IHPST-Paris

Workshop: Reduction and Emergence in the Sciences

9.8-11.14, University of Cologne

Conference: Causality and Complexity in the Sciences


9.25.13, NYU

Richard Dawkins, “An Appetite for Wonder”

7.28.13, Cologne

Workshop: Emergence, Stability and Parthood in Biological and Physical Systems

6.15-16.13, Lincoln Center

Global Future 2045: “The Future of Humanity” (!!!)

5.31-6.1.13, World Science Festival

James Watson, Steven Strogatz, and others

5.10.13, NYU Philosophy

Susan Wolf -- “Responsibility, Moral and Otherwise”

4.26.13, NYU Philosophy

Andrew Chignell -- “Kantian ways of knowing (and not knowing)”

4.5.13, NYU Philosophy

Niko Kolodny -- “Rule over none: social equality and the value of democracy”

3.28.13, NYU

Jeremy Butterfield -- “Distinguishing varieties of relativistic causality”

3.28.13, NYU Frumkes Lecture

Nancy Cartwright -- “Evidence-based policy: where morals and methods mix -- and not always for the best”

1.25-26.13, NYU Kit Fine Conference

Philip Percival -- “Metaphysics of the first order”

Jessica Wilson -- “Essence and Dependence”

Gideon Rosen -- “What is normative necessity?”


12.15-18.12, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Between Biology and Physics: Reductionism, Complexity and Emergence

12.11.12, NYU

Sam Scheffler -- “The Afterlife”

11.15-18.12, San Diego    

Philosophy of Science Association

11.6.12, NYU Philosophy

Alison Gopnik -- “Why children are better causal learners than adults are”

10.26.12, NYU Philosophy

Susanna Siegel -- “Can selection effects on experience influence its rational role?”

9.24.12, NYU CAS

Paul Horn -- “The Co-evolution of Humans and Machines”

9.18.12, NYU Gallatin

Ute Deichmann -- “Chemistry and the Artificial Creation of Life Around 1900”

9.13-15.12, Cornell Philosophy

A Conference Honoring Richard Boyd and Nicholas Sturgeon

8.9.12, NYU

Kyle Cranmer -- “The Higgs Boson” 

5.3-6.12, University of Minnesota

Causation in Biology Workshop

4.27.12, NYU Philosophy

Alexander Nehamas -- “Nietzsche, Intention, and Action”

4.13.12, NYU Philosophy

Ruth Chang -- “Normativity and the Will”

3.23.12, NYU

David Sloan Wilson -- “The Neighborhood Project” (Darwin Lecture)

3.13-15.12, CUNY Philosophy

Signaling and Meaning Workshop

3.5-6.12, The Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem

Explanatory Styles in the Life Sciences

2.17.12, NYU Philosophy

Robert Hopkins -- “Sculpting in Time? On the Possibility of Temporal Inflection in Film”


11.16.11, CUNY Philosophy

Alison Wylie -- “A Plurality of Pluralisms: Collaborative Practice in Archaeology”

11.3.11, NYU Law & Philosophy Colloquium

Sharon Street -- “How to be a relativist about normativity”

10.21.11, NYU Philosophy

Tamar Gendler -- “Think Globally; Act Locally: Moral Psychology for People with Brains”

10.7.11, NYU Philosophy

Marcus Giaquinto -- “Knowing Abstracta: Preliminary Considerations”

7.11-13.11, U. of Utah


6.19-21.11, U. Mass-Amherst

The Women’s Mentoring Project Workshop

5.13-15.11, U. of Toronto

Metaphysics & the Philosophy of Science

5.5-7.11, U. of Minnesota

Philosophical Perspectives on Causal Reasoning in Biology

4.28.11, NYU Physics

‡ L. Mahadevan -- “The Physical Basis of Morphogenesis”

3.18.11, NYAS

Toward an in silico cell 

3.4.11, NYU Philosophy

Sally Haslanger -- “Social Structure and Social Injustice”

2.25.11, NYU Philosophy

Jonathan Schaffer -- “Necessitarian Propositions”

2.18-20.11, UCSB

Debating Darwin Conference

2.11.11, NYU Philosophy

Rachael Briggs -- “How to be conciliatory, but not so conciliatory your brain falls out” 

2.4-5.11, U. of Calgary

Philosophy of Biology Workshop


11.19.10, NYU Philosophy

Marc Lange -- “Explanation in Mathematics”

11.4-11.6.10, Montreal

Philosophy of Science Association Meeting

10.8.10, NYU Bioethics

Evelyn Fox Keller -- “Climate Gridlock: Science, Politics and Credibility”

9.17.10, NYU Philosophy

Kevin O’Regan -- “Feeling: why red looks red rather than sounding like a bell”

8.1-8.4.10, WWU

Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference

7.10-7.11.10, London

Beyond the Tree of Life

7.4-7.8.10, Lyon 

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

7.2-7.3.10, University of Ulm

Theories of Evolution in the Science of Man

5.20-23.10, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Philosophy of Biology @ Madison

4.23.10, NYU Philosophy

‡Seana Shiffrin -- "Lies and the Murderer at the Door"

4.16.10, NYU Philosophy

John Hawthorne -- untitled

4.9.10, NYU Philosophy

Gideon Rosen -- "Coercion, Manipulation, and the Limits of Responsibility"

3.26.10, NYU Bioethics

Jeff McMahan -- "Identity, Animalism, and the Varieties of Conjoined Twinning"

3.5.10, NYU Philosophy

John Broome -- "Instrumental Rationality"

2.19.10, NYU Philosophy

Christine Korsgaard -- "Reflections on the Evolution of Morality"


12.5.09, NYU Philosophy

Ned Hall -- "Humean Reductionism about Laws of Nature"

11.22-23.09, San Diego State

150 Years of Evolution: Darwin's Impact on the Humanities and Social Sciences

11.16.09, NYU

Philip Kitcher -- "Understanding Darwin"

10.26.09, NYU Biology

Benjamin Prud'Homme -- “Genetic Basis of Morphological Diversification”

10.21.09, NYU

Hartry Field -- "Revising Our Logic"

10.19.09, NYAS

Richard Dawkins -- "The Greatest Show on Earth"

9.15.09, Yeshiva College

‡Philip Kitcher -- "The Importance of Darwin for Philosophy"

7.30 - 8.1.09, Dalhousie University

Perspectives on the Tree of Life

7.1.09, CUNY

Robert Lang -- "From flapping birds to space telescopes"

6.11-14.09, World Science Festival

E. O. Wilson -- "BioBlitzing the Planet: Ants, Frogs and Crawling Wonders"

"Infinite Worlds: A Journey Through Parallel Universes"

"The Hudson Since Henry: A Natural and Unnatural History"

5.1.09, NYU Psychology

Laurie Santos -- "To Err is Human?: Exploring the Evolutionary Roots of Human Irrationality"

4.29.09, NYU Psychology

Laurie Santos -- "Working for justice: Are primates concerned about fairness?"

4.24.09, NYU Philosophy

Alan Code -- "An Aristotelian Puzzle About the Being of Fundamental Objects"

4.20.09, NYU  

Jerry Fodor -- "What Darwin Got Wrong"

4.17.09-4.18.09, Darwin and the Boundaries of Science

4.3.2009, NYU Philosophy of Math Conference

Joel Hampkins -- "The Set-Theoretic Multiverse"

2.21.09, New York Institute for the Humanities

Roger Hanlon and Robert Krulwich -- "Blow the cover off octopus camouflage!"

2.13.09, NYU Philosophy

Peter Godfrey-Smith -- "Inductive Inference and Natural Kinds"

2.6.09, NYU Philosophy

Farid Masrour -- "Experience and the Representation of Objectivity"

1.23.09, New York Institute of Philosophy

Denis Dutton -- "The Art Instinct" 


11.09.08, NYU Modern Philosophy Conference

10.31.09, NYU Philosophy

Paul Egre -- "Vagueness, Error and Degrees of Clarity"

10.22.08, NYAS

Alexander Jones -- "Gear FOR the Greeks: The Purpose of the Antikythera Mechanism"

10.17.08, NYU Philosophy

Stephen Yablo -- "The Truth & Something But the Truth"

10.3.08, NYU Philosophy

Rae Langton -- "Beyond Belief: Pragmatics in Hate Speech"

9.25.08, NYAS

Paul Ekman -- "The Science of Emotional Awareness"

9.24.08, CUNY Philosophy

Sharon Street -- "In Defense of Future Tuesday Indifference"

9.19.08, Stony Brook Manhattan

Ian Hacking -- "How we have been learning to talk about autism"

9.19.08, NYU Philosophy

Dean Zimmerman -- "Presentism and Relativity"

9.18.08, NYU

Martha Nussbaum -- "Cognitive Disability: A challenge to moral philosophy"

9.17.08, CUNY Philosophy

Peter Unger -- "Beyond Inanity"

9.16.08, NYAS

Philip Zimbardo -- "Learning How to Rethink Your Timetable"

9.10.08, CUNY Philosophy

Gerald Cohen -- "Rescuing Conservatism: A Defense of Existing Value"

7.01.08, NYAS "Evolutionary Systems Biology"

Franziska Michor -- "Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer Stem Cells"

Aviv Bergman -- "An Evolutionary Systems Biological View of Gene Network in Health and Disease"

Mark Siegel -- "Network Hubs Buffer Environmental Variation"

5.21.08, CUNY Philosophy

Saul Kripke -- "Unrestricted Exportation and Some Morals for the Philosophy of Language"

5.13.08, Rockefeller University     

‡Benoit Mandelbrot -- "The Rough and the Smooth"

5.6.08, Tubingen University

Robert Laughlin -- "The Age of Emergence"

5.2.08, Rockefeller University

Peter Holland -- "Genes and Development"

Ulrich Technau -- "Cnidaria and the Evolution of the Bilateria Body Plans"

Luca Cavalli-Sforza -- "Evolution of Human Populations"

Katherine Pollard -- "Acceleration Evolution in the Human Genome"

Bruce Lahn -- "Probing Human Brain Evolution at The Genetic Level"

Svante Paabo -- "A Neanderthal Perspective on Human Origin"

4.28.08, Columbia University -- Miller Theater

Jeff Sachs -- "Solutions for a Crowded Planet"

4.25.08, Columbia University Philosophy

Carol Rovane -- "Earning the Right to Relativism"

4.11.08, Columbia University Heyman Center for the Humanities

Paul Rabinow -- "On the Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory"

Steven Shapin -- "Progress in the History of Science

3.20.08, Columbia University School of Medicine

James Yardley -- "Nanotechnology: Molecules, Electronic, and Ethics"

‡ talk I most enjoyed from a calendar year (this is not necessarily related to its intellectual merits)